Highlights from our various events, including town hall meetings, summits, training and meetings.

Attendees of the Oct. 2016 Town Hall in Natchez pause for a group photo.

Cassandra Welchlin speaks at the Natchez Town Hall.

Town Hall panelists discuss strategies to helping MS women.

Dozens of women attended the Oct. 2016 Town Hall in Natchez, MS.

Town Hall meeting attendees in Natchez, MS

Bags are all prepared for Town Hall attendees in Natchez, MS.

Carol Burnett (left) shares a moment with Cassandra Welchlin at the Natchez Town Hall.

MLICCI board meeting attendees pause for a group photo in August 2016.

Child care providers during a policy meeting on August 20, 2016 in Jackson, MS.

A child care provider signs in to the August 20, 2016 policy meeting in Jackson, MS.

MLICCI group photo with author and activist Dr. Premilla Nadasen during policy summit.

Dr. Premilla Nadasen signs a book following the policy summit.

An summit attendee checks out a book at the post-event reception.

2nd Annual Making MS Women Secure Economic Policy Summit attendees.

Cassandra Welchlin pauses for a photo with an Economic Policy Summit attendee.

Summit Presenter Dr. Safiya Omari (right) enjoys a moment with attendees.