MLICCI operates three core program areas:

  • Child Care Financing: Child care centers that serve low-income families face financial struggles. MLICCI is working to increase revenue streams & help centers be financially viable. Our current program in this area is Healthy Centers/Healthy Kids - helping child care centers get contracts with the child care food program.
  • Women’s Economic Security Campaign: Racism and sexism converge to thwart public policies intended to provide assistance to poor, single women of color and their young children. Through the women’s economic security campaign, MLICCI has worked with diverse women in communities across the state to identify a policy agenda to improve women’s economic security in the areas of health, education, employment, child care and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Policy & Subsidy Reform: The child care subsidy program (CCDF) is inadequate and underfunded. MLICCI promotes policy reforms and funding to make it more effective, improve quality, and expand access for low-income children. Our current program in this area is Child Care Matters.