Women's Economic Security Policy Agenda

Women's Economic Security Policy Agenda

Race and gender inequities stand in the way of single working mothers’ economic security.

Single mothers are half the work force, but they are two-thirds of the state’s minimum wage workers.

They also have the financial burden of raising children. Sixty-five of low-income kids live with single moms.

Because women are concentrated in low-wage jobs and earned $0.70 to every male $1.00 in 2015, their earnings fail to lift their families out of poverty.

In addition, their low wage jobs rarely provide paid family leave or health insurance.

While higher levels of education increase earning power (and women’s education levels in MS are on par with men), education doesn’t eliminate gender disparities.

MLICCI, through its Women’s Economic Security Campaign, promotes:

  • Higher wages for women
  • Affordable child care
  • Affordable and comprehensive women’s health care
  • Education leading to higher paying jobs
  • Protection from domestic violence and sexual assault

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