Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative improves the child care assistance program serving low-income working parents and strengthens the financial viability of the child care centers that serve them, so that no mother has to choose between the job she needs and the child she loves.

Since 1998, MLICC has been a champion for affordable child care for Mississippi's low-income working parents.

Child care is expensive – sometimes costing as much or more than college tuition. Mississippi's Child Care Payment Program helps low-income working parents afford the child care they need. These programs have been proven to increase employment, reduce poverty, reduce absenteeism and turnover for employers, contribute more tax revenue into the general fund, and support school readiness in children.

Despite the benefits of early childhood education, the Mississippi Child Care Payment Program only serves a fraction of eligible children. MLICCI tenaciously works to change that.

Because of MLICCI’s deep relationships with low-income single mothers and providers, we know that systematic racism and sexism impact the state’s current child care assistance climate. Single mothers face an inequitable workforce. Providers struggle to finance services in a punitive policy climate with inadequate revenue. Because of these realities and their intersectionality, in 2015 we launched a campaign to advocate women’s economic security. Our movement building is bolstered by our growing gender analysis capacity, as well as our state and national policy partners.

Mississippi has the highest child poverty rate in country. While sixteen percent of white kids are poor, fifty-one percent of black kids are poor.

Sixty-five percent of Mississippi's low-income children live with a single mom.

Mississippi's child care assistance program only serves about 10 percent of the children who qualify.